Art & Craft White Glue 100ml


This craft glue provides superior performance on a variety of materials, spreads easily and sets strong and clear. - Easy to merchandise - Non toxic, safe for children - Acid free, ideal for scrap booking - Non clog applicator - Excellent spreadability - Non-drip - Quick drying - Clear drying Book Holders - Now here's a creative way to recycle your used boxes! These boxed book holders are seriously useful and will great on your desk. Uses / Applications - Various Art & Craft applications e.g. making decorative cards, mounting pictures, decoupage, scrap booking etc - Can also be mixed with powder paints for finger painting - Excellent adhesion to porous materials such as fabric, leather, paper, textiles, wood, cardboard and felt - Fair adhesion to metals and glass - Other Information - One surface must be porous - Not suitable for PVC, rubbers, coated woods, synthetic woods and melamine - Not for heavy duty use e.g. furniture manufacture - Will not adhere to plastics e.g. polyethylene or polypropylene - May not bond some coated papers e.g. wax coated paper, polyethylene coated paper - Sizes 100ml Bottle

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