Build 280ml Clear


This neutral curing silicone is a one part silicone rubber-based sealant, which is mould resistant and ideal for expansion joints and all types of metal. - Acid-free - Suitable for alkaline substrates such as concrete, plaster, fibrous concrete - Excellent UV-resistance and durability - Non corrosive to metals - Non-sag - Excellent mould resistance - Flexible at low temperatures down to -40°C - Heat resistance up to +120°C - Low shrinking on curing - Outstanding primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates - Abrasion resistant - Excellent water-resistance - Unaffected by alcohols, dilute acids and alkalis, soap and household detergents - Excellent colour fastness - Moisture curing system; cure rate is unaffected by low ambient temperatures - Low odour - Uses / Applications - Exhibits excellent primerless adhesion to many non-porous materials e.g. ceramics, glass, enamel, porcelain, coated wood, painted surfaces, epoxide, polyester, polyacrylate, formica, canvas, rubber, most metals (mild steel, aluminium, lead, copper, tin, galvanized iron, brass or zinc) and some plastics (fiberglass, acrylics, polycarbonates and rigid PVC) - Can be used on alkaline surfaces such as concrete, fibrous cement, mortar, asbestos and plaster - Suitable for internal and external sealing applications, waterproofing and weatherproofing - Sealing of connecting and expansion joints in the construction industry e.g. - sealing of expansion and connecting joints in walls and floors - Sealing of gutters, gutter outlets, and around building flashes - Sealing of joints between glazing and supporting structures - Perimeter sealing of doors, windows and cladding panels - Sealing of double glazed units - Industrial sealant for the automotive, aircraft and ship-building industries - Sanitary-ware applications such as sealing around bathroom and kitchen fittings, baths, showers and toilets - Sealant for the electrical and electronics industries e.g. encapsulation of wires, insulating appliances - Sealant in silo and container construction - Other Information - Not suitable for cylinder head gaskets or for parts permanently exposed to fuel - May become discoloured when in contact with some organic elastomers, which tend to bleed oil or solvents into the silicone, e.g. EPDM, APTK, Neoprene and Bituminous surfaces. Not suitable for contact with marble, granite, quartzite, and similar natural stone as it may discolour the surfaces - Will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon - CANNOT be over-painted - NOT SUITABLE FOR FISH TANKS (contains a fungicide) - Do not apply sealant when relative humidity is below 10% - cure rate will be affected - Sizes 310ml cartridge