Powermastik 310ml


An oil-based mastic for sealing around windows and doors. Also used for sealing gutters, roofing screws, etc. - 100% waterproof - Polymer reinforced - increases performance life - Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces - Non hardening / good flexibility - Solvent free - Non shrinking - Very good durability - Paintable once a skin has formed - Uses / Applications - Sealing of asbestos, PVC, galvanized iron and aluminium gutter sections & down pipes - Sealing overlap joints of roofing sections, air duct joints and seams - Sealing of windows and door frames - Sealing of roof bolts - Placing window sills, frames and other fittings where a waterproof seal is needed - General pointing and joint sealing - Exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces used in the construction industry e.g. fiberboard, metals, plaster, concrete, wood and glass - Other Information - Must not be used in contact with bituminous surfaces - Not suitable for floor joints - Not recommended for medium and high movement joints - Not suitable for continuous immersion in water - Not for use where strength from sealant is needed -Sizes 310ml cartridge, 410ml Cellopak