Super Gasket 90ml


Superior form-in-place black gasket in a tube. Replaces preformed gaskets and withstands temperatures from -60C to +300C. Resists oil, petrol, transmission fluid, water and anti-freeze. An ideal metal to metal adhesive which is neutral curing. - Heat resistance up to +300°C (short term exposure) - Heat resistance up to +260C (continuous exposure) - Acid free - Neutral-curing system (oxime) - Excellent primerless adhesion to many substrates - Non-slump - Flexible at low temperatures down to -60°C - Non-shrinking - Will not corrode copper, brass, mild steel or zinc - Excellent water-resistance, UV-resistance and durability - Resistant to mineral oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, petrol and alcohol - Uses / Applications - Formulated to replace cork, felt, rubber and asbestos gaskets - Can be applied to numerous areas, such as axle covers, bearing cap seals, fuel pumps to blocks, intake manifolds, keyway slots, oil filter housing to blocks, window gaskets and seals, bearing plate gasket, engine base gasket, tappet covers, valve covers, water pumps and associative housings. - It is also suitable to be used in place of lamp cover gaskets, lamp housing gaskets, to seal ignition units and cable entry points - FIPG (Formed In Place Gasketing) and CIPG (Cure In Place Gasketing) applications - Very strong adhesive - Repairs in ovens - Adheres to all types of alloys and metal used in engine and motor construction - Also displays excellent adhesion to siliceous materials e.g. ceramics, glass, enamel, varnished wood and to alkaline surfaces e.g. concrete, asbestos, plaster and stone - Other Information - Should not be immersed in petrol - Should not be used in an attempt to replace composite cylinder head gaskets, especially where tolerances are predetermined and are critical to engine performance - CANNOT be over-painted - Sizes 90ml Tube