Sew Simple 25ml


A solvent free, natural latex based fabric adhesive that can be used to permanently bond and repair clothing and fabrics. Provides a washable, ironable, flexible bond for most fabrics. - Water-based and solvent free - High water resistance - can be machine washed - High temperature resistant - can be ironed - Quick setting Non slump - easy to work with - Uses / Applications - Great for clothing, labelling, furnishings, crafts, hobbies and industrial applications - Repair hems, trousers, turn-ups, worn sleeves and zips - Attach labels and badges to clothing - Fix shoe laces by rolling frayed ends with glue on your finger - Perfect for taking up curtain hems, attaching pelmets and decorating soft furnishings - Protect jeans and trousers from wearing out at the knees by applying BOSTIK SEW SIMPLE to the back of the fabric - Repair torn fabric using a patch - Apply a drop to buttons to stop them unthreading - Bonds to most fabrics (e.g. linen, cotton, denim etc) as well as leather and felt - Other Information - Not suitable for use on 100% nylon, polyester fabrics - Not suitable for white materials. May discolour light coloured and delicate fabrics. We recommend testing on a small area first - Using too much glue may cause bleed-through and staining - Not suitable for applications exposing the glue-line to a large amount of sunlight (can result in the glue line darkening over time, which may then become visible through the material) - Sizes 25ml Tube