Soft Plastics Adhesive 25ml


A strong, water resistant, clear adhesive designed for bonding most soft plastics e.g. flexible PVC. It is quick drying and bonds rapidly. This pack also contains a free PVC repairpatch for an extra strong bond. Ideal for inflatables, rubber dinghies, vinyl pools, raincoats, ect. - Versatile polyurethane adhesive - Excellent adhesion to wide variety of substrates - Dries clear - invisible glueline - Fast setting - Resistant to water, oil, grease, dilute acids, alkalis and alcohol - Excellent resistance to UV light - remains elastic and does not become brittle with time - Uses / Applications - Repair inflatable toys, plastic raincoats and lilos - Repair vinyl swimming pools - Bonds Perspex - Bonds PVC and ABS pipes - Bonds a variety of dissimilar materials - Suitable for bonding assemblies where a transparent glue line is required - Adheres to rigid and soft (plasticized) PVC, ABS, Perspex, polystyrene (solid), Formica and fiberglass. - Also bonds a variety of other materials such as metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, leather, most rubbers, felt, cork, fabric, cardboard, paper, coated and uncoated wood - Other Information - Not suitable for use on plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene and some rubbers - Not suitable on expanded polystyrene - Will not bond wet surfaces - Sizes 25ml Tube

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