Super Epoxy 32ml


A two-part epoxy which is ideal for use on rigid materials. It is quick setting, strong bonding, waterproof and resistant to oil. - Bonds quickly with superior strength - 5 minute work life, hardening in 15 minutes - Suitable for interior and exterior use - 100% solid content - no shrinkage or pulling away, gap-filling - Clear setting - Waterproof and chemical resistant - Heat resistance up to 80°C - Contains no solvents, non-flammable - Uses / Applications - Assemble all types of handicraft and manufactured parts - Repair to ceramics, glass, ivory, metal parts, wooden structures etc - Ideal for making emergency repairs - Bonds to metals, wood, glass, plaster, concrete, brick and some plastics such as fiberglass, polyacrylates, polycarbonates, ABS, and hard PVC - Other Information - Not suitable where a flexible bond is required - Does not bond to polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon - Not suitable for structural applications - Sizes 32ml - 2 x tubes - resin & hardener