Self-adhesive butyl tape Ideal for sealing and repairing of metal sheeting, water tanks, down pipes and gutters. For ease of application, Dit-Sit is supplied in rolls that are interleaved with a disposable release form. Can be painted to provide a colour matched finish. Use as a flashing on parapet walls, chimneys and pipe-vents. It is also ideal for sealing and repairing of holes, gaps and overlaps in galvanized roof sheeting, valley gutters, down pipes, roof screws, window frames, ridging, metal boxes, radiator pipes, galvanized buckets, watering cans, water tanks, tents, tarpaulins, sheds and kennels. - Other information: Not suitable on wet surfaces. Not to be used for sealing high-pressure systems. Not suitable on plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and Teflon. Size: 2m x 50mm roll