Clear Adhesive 25ml B/Card


"The all-purpose household adhesive, which is clear, strong and quick drying. Excellent for use in the home, office, and school. It provides good adhesion to cardboard, leather, glass, ect." - Excellent sag resistance - Acid Free - safe for photos - Dries clear - Non stringing - Quick drying - Does not wrinkle / warp paper Yummy Place Name Holders - Add a quirky touch to your Christmas Lunch or Dinner table. We have created a Christmas Cake and Plum Pudding, but you can let your imagination run wild! Tiny snowmen, penguins, even elves! - Uses / Applications - Clear fast drying general purpose glue - Quick repair adhesive - Ideal for DIY projects - Used on the back of photos for scrap-booking and photo albums - Perfect for use in decorative applications, handicraft and school projects - Ideal for bonding security / alarm cables to walls - Exhibits excellent primerless adhesion to many materials e.g. paper, cardboard, leather, felt, fabrics, rubber, metals, wood (uncoated or coated) and some plastics like rigid PVC and Perspex. - Other Information - Should not be used on painted or polished surfaces - Not suitable for use on some plastics, like polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene plastics, rayon and acetate fabrics - Should not be used for the repair of pottery handles or any items that may contain hot liquids - Ensure that at least one of the two surfaces to be adhered, are porous - Sizes 25ml and 50ml tube, 25ml box, 3 x 25ml Value Pack