glu Dots - Removable 64 Dots


Clear adhesive dots which stick to almost anything including paper, wood, plastic, metal, glass and painted surfaces. - Ready to use - Excellent adhesion qualities - Transparent / Invisible - Easy to tear perforations - Acid and lignin free - Non toxic - Solvent free - Available in REMOVABLE and EXTRA STRENGTH - Super elastic - Extra Soft for little hands - Fully sets within approx 6 hours to 24 hours Great Gift Wrapping - Uses / Applications - Holds up posters, cards, certificates, notices, maps, menus, calendars, messages, timetables, learning aids, children paintings, decorations, etc - Keeps in place telephones, mouse pads, pens, candles, figurines, vases, calculators, ornaments, etc - Keeps picture frames straight - Sticking photos in an album - School project, scrap-booking, art and craft projects - Sticks extremely well to non porous surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics, vinyl coated and painted surfaces and porous surfaces such as paper, boards, cloth, and wood - Other Information - Not suitable for absorbent, damp, dusty, delicate or newly decorated surfaces - Not suitable for holding up heavy objects - May be difficult to remove from rough porous surfaces - May damage fragile papers on removal - Sizes 64 x Removeable glu Dots in Wallets

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